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Opuntimal - For optimal prostate health
Opuntimal - For optimal prostate health

OPUNTIMAL (2 Bottles)

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  • Maintain and promote optimal bladder health
  • Prevent the occurrence of BPH
  • Prevent weak and dribbling urine stream 
  • Reduce swollen prostate glands
  • Promote strong and healthy urine flow
  • Reduce pain and burning during urination
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve resistance against UTIs

Opuntimal: For Men's  Health

It is common for the prostate gland to become enlarged as a man ages.  Prostate enlargement, or Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH), as doctors call it, is a condition affecting millions of  men.

Prostate health becomes more important for men over 50. Are you experiencing one or more of the following symptoms? 
Uneasiness in the lower abdomen
Straining to urinate
Frequent getting up at night to urinate 
Dripping and difficulty in controlling urine
Pain or a burning feeling when urinating

If so, regular use of OPUNTIMAL will help to:  Maintain and promote optimal bladder health, prevent the occurrence of BPH, prevent weak and dribbling urine stream, reduce swollen prostate glands, promote strong and healthy urine flow, reduce pain and burning during urination, strengthen the immune system and improve resistance against UTIs

You may have seen advertisements for other products to improve prostate health. Most of these supplements contain saw palmetto and other herbs. While these remedies may have some benefit, we believe that OPUNTIMAL, which contains Opuntia flower with Borago offi., is far more effective at promoting and restoring prostate health. 

Break through! New development!
4x more concentrated!
Results after 2-4 weeks!
Produced according to GMP & ISO 9001:2000 international standards.
Available in 120 capsules packs.
Opuntia Flower with Borago Offi.
120 Capsules 2 X 2/Day

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