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Keeps carbs (sugars) from turning to fat
Keeps carbs (sugars) from turning to fat


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  • Keeps sugars from turning to fat
  • Glucose disposal agent
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Helps shuffle carbs into muscle

Glucorell R™ contains the most exciting supplement ever allowed into the United States. It's been used in Germany as a glucose uptake enhancer to help prevent and treat diabetes for over 20 years. Now you can use it to help you prevent carbohydrates from making you fat by disposing of them like you did when you were a child. Only doctors doing research were able to buy this supplement. Until now.

Glucose is what your body makes out of the carbohydrates you eat. Then your insulin shuttles that glucose around your body to the cells to use as food. Glucorell R™ makes your muscle cells accept several times more glucose than you do now. By causing the muscle cells to take up so much more glucose you are preventing it from going to the fat cells. That way you are helping to make your muscles stronger while preventing all that glucose from going to your fat cells. When your fat cells get the glucose it makes you fat and over time may eventually cause insulin resistance, leading to adult onset diabetes.

Glucorell R™, taken before carb meals, insures those carbs are disposed of properly into your muscles helping you to maintain healthy low insulin levels, which is a powerful aid in preventing you from getting fat or insulin resistant.

Glucorell R™ makes your muscle cells take in much more glucose. Glucose is what your body makes out of the carbohydrates you eat. Then your insulin carries that glucose around your body to the cells to use as food. By making the muscle cells use up the carbs first you are keeping them from going to the fat cells where they get stored as fat.

When you give a bowl of ice cream to a 2 year and they eat it, in about 30 minutes they are bouncing off the walls. If you give that same bowl of ice cream to a 40 year old they go lay on the couch. 

Glucorell R™ gives you back the natural R-ALA you had back when you were a child.


What is Glucorell R?
Glucorell R is the pure and natural isomer of Alpha Lipoic Acid.

What will it do for me?

While it has many properties, the one that people find most
interesting is its ability to keep sugars from making you fat.

How does it do this?

First it acts as a glucose disposal agent. It actually increases the amount of carbohydrates taken up by muscle cells. Second it improves insulin sensitivity allowing for larger amounts of carbohydrates to be shuttled into muscle cells. Third it lowers plasma insulin which decreases the amount of carbohydrates and fats ingested from being stored as adipose tissue (FAT). It is more effective with carbs, so a low fat diet is preferable for best results.  This also helps prevent diabetes.

So what does all this mean to me?
What this means is that Glucorell-R will allow you to eat more carbohydrates with less worries about fat gain.  It also means that when dieting carbohydrates will have less impact on results. Most users, especially those over 30 and those with carb cravings, will find that they can lose weight with little or no change to their diet.

How is this different from ALA?

With normal ALA, half of it is the S isomer which counteracts most of the benefits of the R isomer. The biggest difference is that with normal ALA there is no change in plasma insulin which is the most important factor in fat loss and avoiding fat gain.

How is Glucorell R different from the "carb-blockers" that are being advertised?

Glucorell-R allows you to eat more carbs without them turning into fat. But instead of flushing them out of your body with otherv aluable nutrients which is what carb blockers do, they shuttle that fuel into your muscle cells giving you greater amounts of "fuel" to get through the day. Glucorell-R also improves digestion and use of nutrients. Carb blockers, on the other hand, interfere with digestion and can cause bloating and gas.

Are there any other special benefits of Glucorell R?

With people that are over 40 the results are often much better.  At this age most people have become pretty insulin resistant. In this aspect it will be much more beneficial to older consumers. There is also a considerable amount of evidence that Glucorell R enhances the recovery of the brain by removing iron buid up, and may even reverse free radical damage there. One over 40 user wrote that his chess scores improved by a full 10% after only 2 weeks use.

Contains: 180 gelatin capsules
100mg per capsule R-Lipoic Acid
750mcg per capsule Biotin

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