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  • Improves Memory & Learning
  • Increases Mental Energy
  • Improves Mood
  • Improves Athletic Recovery
  • Promotes Rejuvenating Sleep

In our fast pace world many factors can negatively affect our brains and our lives. Some of these include stress, negative emotions, alcohol, medications, environmental toxins, poor diet, bad sleeping habits, etc. Couple that with a poor diet and people of all ages can be negatively impacted by these and lose optimal brain function. Many develop memory and learning problems and even emotional issues like anxiety and depression.

Mind and body connect through the brain, thus optimizing brain function is of vital importance. The ingredients in Sharp-Mind have been shown to safely boost brain function in a variety of ways, including memory, IQ, mood and boost learning ability. They may also play a role in promoting longevity by slowing the aging process. They have also been shown to enhance athletic performance and may even promote better quality sleep without making you drowsy.

D-Serine, this D-form amino-acid can boost learning, memory and mood and users report it also helps improve their quality of sleep. Taurine, also known as “the longevity molecule” by scientists, slows the aging process and regenerates brain cells in the Hippocampus, the critical part of the brain where memories are formed. It also stops Advanced Glycation End-products, and Beta Amyloid plaques.  Taurine can also enhance athletic performance, promote endurance and mental energy. Creatine boosts memory, intelligence (IQ) and improves mood by reducing mental fatigue. 

Studies have also shown that it may prevent cognitive impairment in subjects exposed to stressful situations.  Frequent use will lower markers of anxiety, promote cerebral health and improve cognitive performance

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