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Yohimburn ES - Topical Fat Burner


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  • Topical Fat Burner
  • Works on Stubborn Fatty Deposits

Yohimburn ES is yet another leap forward in topical fat loss. Yohimburn ES provides all the benefits that Yohimburn DF and its predecessor Yohimburn delivered. In addition it also provides immensely enhanced fat burning and energy effects. Yohimburn ES is more powerful than Yohimburn DF. The energy enhancement effect is noticeable as is the increase in both local and systemic lipolysis. Another advantage to ES is that it will work on fatty deposits that are not as A2 rich. The ES platform adds:

Acetyl-l-Carnitine (ALCAR): Increased lipolysis via enhanced mitochondrial activity. Acetyl-l-Tyrosine (ALTYR): Increased neurotransmitter and substrate availability, essential for extended lipolytic and adrenergic activity. Histidine: Increased lipolysis, specifically in WAT (white adipose tissue) via peripheral modulation of CNS. Theophylline: Increased lipolysis, "energy" and diuresis via cyclic AMP and Beta-Adrenergic activity. Theobromine: Increased lipolysis, "energy" and diuresis via cyclic AMP and Beta-Adrenergic activity. May in some individuals cause appetite suppression and feelings of "satiation".

Several of ingredients in Yohimburn ES, including yohimbine, theophylline, caffeine, and theobromine are mild CNS stimulants. Even though they are applied topically they will still have some stimulatory effect. Also ALCAR and ALTYR will have some mild stimulatory enhancement effects due to their impact on neurotransmitter levels and mitochondrial activity. Because of this Yohimburn ES is also more stimulatory than original and DF. The effect is fairly short-lived, typically less than 2 hours following the application. As with most supplements the stimulatory effect will vary between users. You may find that when you first start using Yohimburn ES that you're more comfortable lowering the dosages of any oral stimulants you're using simultaneously with Yohimburn ES, such as those containing ephedra or even ephedra free formulas. Once you are comfortable raising the dosages of the other fat burners you should do so incrementally to maintain a comfortable level while you work out.

Yohimburn ES Frequently Asked Questions

How long till I see results?
With ES results will be apparent much faster than with DF or the original formula. Also most users note greater systemic lipolytic effect.

How much Yohimburn ES should I apply?
Use between 3 and 5 pumps per application. However, when beginning your treatment with Yohimburn ES you should start with 1-2 pumps per application and work you way up to a comfortable dose. If you start to notice side effects; which include headache, chills, or excessive tiredness; then you are taking too much. Most people don't experience these effects until well over 5 pumps. Some people can apply 10 or 15 pumps without any side effects. These are just general guidelines, you must decide what is too much or too little for you.

Can I use Yohimburn ES on my Face?
Yes, however caution must be exercised when using Yohimburn ES anywhere near eyes. The peppermint oil in Yohimburn ES (and DF) is a volatile oil that gives off vapors that can irritate eyes. It recommended that if using on cheeks you use goggles. Using along the jaw line to ascertain your sensitivity to the vapors is a good idea.

Can I use Yohimburn ES if I have allergies?
Yes, but it is recommended that you spot test. Use only a small amount on several locations.

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